Infonnabis project

As of 2016, over 25,000 people in Israel are currently using physician-prescribed medical Cannabis.

Although these patients are under medical supervision, physicians usually do not follow up on the medicinal benefits or side effects of the Cannabis treatment. Patients who are prescribed Cannabis are typically directed to a Cannabis grower or distributor and it is the grower who essentially decides which strain of Cannabis to provide and the route of administration. Unfortunately, the latter information often remains with the Cannabis provider and is not brought back to the attention of the physician who prescribed the treatment.

This unique situation leaves the care of the patients with the Cannabis providers who are not qualified health care providers. In addition, this course of treatment creates a situation in which the data is divided between the physicians in the hospital, the community caregivers, and the growers. Each one of the aforementioned groups collects data related to his part of the treatment without integrating it with the knowledge of the others and in most cases, without any comparative work which can give prospective knowledge.

We aim to construct an integrated confidential database with both data on the chemical components of the cannabis diverse strains and products and clinical data on medical-cannabis patients in Israel and abroad.

Acquired data from growers, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), and other sources will be used for initial statistical and computational analyses, aimed to identify patient-class specific treatments and organize them into an accessible website for patients and physicians.